Formal ".EXE" name


  • Home Server:
  • Program Affilation:
  • Program Type:
  • Personality Type:
  • Friends:
  • Enemies:

Program AppearanceEdit

  • Program Age: Unknown. Esitmated age is a little over 20.
  • Age Appearance: 20 (Strangely enough)
  • Gender: FEMALE!
  • Hair: Dark browny-red
  • Eyes: Chocolate brown
  • Corr. Vision: None?
  • Height: 5' 5"
  • Weight unknown
  • Skin: very pale grey (Much more pale than most programs)
  • Program Marks: two cheek patches, a small rectagular (And kinda msyterious) scar by her left eye. Frequently seen donning her visor and her gauntlets.

Program PreferencesEdit

  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Least Favorite Color: Pink
  • Favorite Music: Techno, and some forms of rock
  • Least Favorite Music: anything that sounds stupid or stuff by The Black Eyed Peas
  • Preferred Transportation: her Recogizor, "Genesis" and her lightcycle
  • Preferred Personal Phrase: She really doesn't have one. ^^;;

Program HistoryEdit

  • Home Server: Encom
  • Historical BG: Unknown for the most part
  • First Major Event: first major event remembered afer her amnesia is joining the ICP troops.

Program GoalsEdit

  • Major Goal: To regain her memory since the amnseisa set in.
  • Minor Goals:
    1. To discover where Yami came from and how it can be removed from her system
    2. To find her user
  • Acheivement Method: Any way she can.

Program Defense/AttackEdit

  • Preferred Weapon: data_katana, her modded LOL
  • Other Weapons:
    1. Data_katana
    2. Her modded LOL (It's smaller and can be held in one hand. Also has a stun feature to it so it can just stun other programs instead)
    3. Her disk
  • Most Attacked Program Type: Virus and ICPs

Afflicion (Curse/Virus)Edit

  • Afflicion Known As: Yami (Little is known about Yami's origions or even how it's triggered. It wasn't caused by a viral infection.)
  • Changes From Normal Character: Goes red and has a complete 180 change in personality. It's like compaining Nigh and Day.
  • Energy Use: Draining. (To date, it's never been calculated. But it is shown to be visably draining to the point of pure exaustion)
  • Infectious(Y/N): No.

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