Prankster Bit



  • Home Server: [no fixed location]
  • Program Affilation: Users
  • Program Type: Virus Scanner turned rogue
  • Personality Type: misunderstood
  • Friends: Kamui,DJ Aussie E, harpo...
  • Enemies: The entire ICP software

Program AppearanceEdit

  • Program Age: 9
  • Age Appearance: 25
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair: N/A
  • Eyes: Red
  • Corr. Vision: Argumentation to eye for long range vision
  • Height: 6'5
  • Weight 70 Kgs
  • Skin: N/A
  • Program Marks: A large quarantined viral scar scross Face

Program PreferencesEdit

  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Least Favorite Color: Pink
  • Favorite Music: Techno & Rock
  • Least Favorite Music: Rap & R&B
  • Preferred Transportation: on the back of his pet Strider, imported from Half Life 2
  • Preferred Personal Phrase: "holy bit!"

Program HistoryEdit

  • Home Server: N/A, is seen frequently on ENCOM and England servers
  • Historical BG: while on a routine mission, he encountered a Sub-Program who's Parents had been corrupted. she was frightened. he took her under his wing against orders, and was discharged from the ICPs.
  • First Major Event: while out for a walk one day, there was a news bulletin that the kernel had derezzed the sub-program. VscaN vowed to get revenge, first on the kernel, by derezzing his Sub-program, then the whole ICP software

Program GoalsEdit

  • Major Goal: Removing the ICPs from existance
  • Minor Goals:
    1. Protecting his friends/allies
    2. collecting weapons and ballistics
    3. searching for his old partner, Engel.
  • Acheivement Method:slowly but surely

Program Defense/AttackEdit

  • Preferred Weapon: a data Katana called BLUE BLAZE
  • Other Weapons:
    1. heavily modified "LOL" sniper rifle
    2. a prototype singularity cannon
    3. a heavily modified Identity Disc
  • Most Attacked Program Type: ICPs

Afflicion (Curse/Virus)Edit

  • Afflicion Known As: Drail.wyrm
  • Changes From Normal Character: it's quarantined, but if he gets hit on his scar, the quarantine will break and he will become a Z-lot in just over a microcycle
  • Energy Use: none
  • Infectious(Y/N): if quarantine is broken, then yes. otherwise no

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